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This bundle comes with our French Press coffee maker and a 8oz bag of our Awesome Mix vol.1 blend (French Press grind). If you would like to switch the coffee with any other one available in our website, feel free to leave a note in your order, and we will gladly switch it for you.

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Now you can make your own coffee at home using our 20oz French Press brewer. This French Press will brew your coffee in about 2 minutes, and is super easy to rinse and clean.


1- Pour some hot water into your French Press to warm it up and avoid dust particles or any undesired residual from going into your coffee. Discard water.

2- Measure 5 table spoons of Likuid Element coffee for French Press (8oz Bag included with bundle) and place inside the French Press.

3- Pour enough hot water to cover the bed of coffee and gently swirl the French Press to allow coffee to “bloom” (give it 30 seconds).

4- Top with remaining hot water until half way trough the French Press.

5- Give it a nice gentle stir with a spoon and allow to sit for about 1 minute and a half (and enjoy the smell in the process).

6- Plunge the press, gently, all the way down. Your homemade French Press coffee is now ready!

7- Coffee tip: We recommend to pour your coffee into your cups right away to avoid “over extraction”, that can potentially penalize the final aroma and full potential of the beans. If you like your coffee stronger simply increase the amount of spoons to 6/7, keeping the same directions as above.




  1. Lauren

    For this price is a really good deal, I got both french machine and a bag of coffee and they arrived in just a couple of days.

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